The great American experiment is alive and well and we have come too far to succumb to the notions put forth by a growing faction that inherently believes America is fundamentally BAD and their re-imagined version of a transformed America in their image is somehow GOOD. This version of a “new America” held by some is dangerous.

The American Spirit Movement is bringing Americans closer together who associate themselves with conservative values. We earnestly and wholeheartedly do not believe we are a part of the problem BUT rather see ourselves as the silent majority that MUST be a part of the solution. This movement signifies the coming together of Americans who believe that together we are stronger BUT only if our beliefs and core values are aligned with the actions that we take to help America be the best that she can be so we may peacefully enjoy our pursuits of Life, Liberty and Happiness as we simply want to live our “Conservative way of life”! We have a plan and it does NOT involve picketing, protesting, occupying, boycotting, “cancelling”, or any other despicable activity typically associated with the Progressive Left which we have witnessed recently as well as over the past several decades…

Our situation will not improve until Conservative Consumers AND Conservative Businesses come together to make a stand for what we believe in! 

NOW, more than ever before, we need a resurgence within the Conservative Movement that started early in the 20th century but seems to have come to an abrupt halt in the 21st century. This isn’t about “activism” but rather about taking action where we can have the greatest possible outcome. This is why the American Spirit Movement has built the platform we believe will help fellow Americans in the areas of commerce, employment, business networking, education, idea sharing, and more. We believe in the American Free Enterprise system and we believe in Capitalism because together they have produced the greatest economy in the history of the world!

Are We Losing America to “Incremental Progressive Liberalism?”

At no point in recent history could we have a more defining time in America. What we have feared “could” happen – has happened in so many ways and it is only getting worse the longer we, the “like-minded Conservative people,” don’t come together…

Our Republic has been presented with many challenges since our inception, but perhaps no challenge has ever presented a more serious or dangerous threat against the very heart and soul of America as Progressive Liberalism fueled by evil practices known as “identity politics.” and “cancel culture”.  Over the past half-century Conservatives have been targeted, marginalized, vilified, and categorized as the enemy of ALL Americans who have been assigned a label within the “identity politics” arena of the Liberal agenda. Add to this the cancel culture, occupying, boycotting, defunding, and other tactics deployed by the Liberal Left faction, and every tenet held in high regard as a Conservative value is threatened, at risk, and in certain situations being eliminated altogether.


It is long overdue and about time fellow Conservatives come together to actually “Do Something” rather than continue to feel there isn’t anything we can do. This is why we have built something very special and we need your help to spread the word AND JOIN!


Imagine the Power of Millions of Conservatives Supporting Each Other!

Calling All Conservative Consumers and Business Owners –

The time is NOW!

We NEED YOUR HELP! Help your fellow Conservative by joining this PRIVATE online marketplace where Conservative consumers can find like-minded Conservative businesses where they can support and spend their hard-earned dollars. We need both Business and Consumer members. We OWN and manage our own server! We will NEVER sell anyone’s information or data. NEVER! My name is Kevin Sabbides – Founder/CEO – and I guarantee that statement!


We ARE encouraging fellow Conservatives to join us as we grow and support each other in commerce, employment, business networking, idea sharing, education, and more…

American Spirit Movement