They’re Keeping You Enraged To Keep You Engaged!

The American Spirit Movement: They’re Keeping You Enraged To Keep You Engaged!
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Is it just me 🤔 or does it seem like there is no shortage of Conservative or Patriot groups claiming they’re “fighting to save America” BUT once you take a closer look you realize MOST of these groups are NOT doing a damn thing to truly fight back much less slow-down OR reverse the deviant, dangerous, and anti-American advances of Leftism?

Here’s the problem…

They’re keeping you ENRAGED to keep you ENGAGED!

Think about it – here are 2 common scenarios…

1) Be honest, how often have you been disappointed after attending a local Republican or Conservative club meeting where the primary draw was a local or state politician. The scheduled speaker tells you how they’re “fighting for you!”. Really? After the meeting, you wait in line to get a picture with them. Then you post it on social media. You’re invited back to the next meeting – next month. You show up on the “first Tuesday of each month” hoping to hear something that somebody is doing to make a REAL difference where it matters most – on the street, in YOUR neighborhood, for you and those you truly care about!

Month after month, meeting after meeting and we wonder why the Left continues to “win”.

Here’s another familiar scenario…

2) Each month the next “Speaker Series” is coming to a city near you!! Come see the following 33 speakers! Buy a ticket to the show!! You can get 10 friends and buy the big table up front for $5000! Can’t afford the big table up front? They have a $1500 table. Still too much? You can buy a “VIP” pass for $299 and even get pictures! Still too much – don’t worry, you can slip in the side door for $199!

It’s easy to get Conservatives riled up!

Here’s a few questions for you – stop and think:

🛑Do you think Democrats / Liberals / Leftists, et al, pay $5000, $1500, $199 to attend events for a “Speaker Series”?

🛑Do you see Liberals standing on street corners waving banners or asking you to honk your horn for their cause?

🛑Do you think these same anti-American Leftists are attending meeting after meeting to hear how someone is “taking America back” or “fighting for them”?

no, No, NO! – they most certainly are not! Liberals do NOT coordinate their efforts the same way as Conservatives. Their “brand” (tactic/s) of activism is different.

We have to get this stuff right folks! Have you wondered if there’s actually something you can do to truly make a difference?

Your frustrations and our frustrations are well-established. Things like this keep us awake at night and motivated us to create something very different versus the status quo for what most “groups” are doing.

Here’s what the American Spirit Movement is DOING…

We’re “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”

No hype. No monthly meetings. No getting you more pissed off than you already are!

This is THE solution if you cut through all of the noise and understand we have TWO votes in America and that’s where our focus must be!

Your FIRST vote must always be at the ballot box. Yes, the Liberals cheat! We know this. We need to show up in record numbers EVERY election…

Your SECOND vote is very POWERFUL. Your vote at the CASH REGISTER is when you choose to SEEK OUT and spend your money with Patriotic Conservatives who own and operate local, main-street, small businesses right in your local community.

We’re “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”.

Learn more about what we are doing. We need your help to ADD more business members as well as more Consumer members who would support them.

And YES – We OWN and manage our own servers. This is very important. We will never sell anyone’s data. We don’t run stupid click-bait ads. No banner ads.

We are a membership-based, private, and secure online community.

Help us spread the word. We’re literally defunding Liberalism one Conservative dollar at a time.

Kevin Sabbides – Founder/CEO

American Spirit Movement, LLC

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