Are We Losing America to “Activated Leftists?”

At no point in recent history could we have a more defining time in America. What we have feared “could” happen – has happened in so many ways and it is only getting worse the longer we, the “Patriotic Conservative people,” don’t come together and DO SOMETHING…

Our Constitutional Republic has been presented with many challenges since our inception, but perhaps no challenge has ever presented as serious and dangerous threat against the very heart and soul of America as the morally-credentialed, self-righteous, ACTIVATED “informed” Liberal who is hell-bent on unraveling every Red, White, and Blue thread of the America you and I love and cherish. These modern “informed” Liberals are actually Leftists working their collective asses off to usher in a fundamentally transformed “new America” as a Democratic Socialist nation-state. These deviants are normalizing their perversions within society because they understand the best way to defeat America is to demoralize America and “knock us down a rung or two”!

Patriotic Conservatives have been targeted, marginalized, and categorized as the enemy of ALL Americans who have been assigned a label within the “identity politics” arena of the Liberal agenda. According to these Leftists, our values, YOUR values are outdated and they know better how America needs to operate from the White House to YOUR house. Add to this their cancel culture, occupying, boycotting, defunding, doxxing, and other tactics deployed by the Liberal Left faction, and every tenet held in high regard as a Conservative value is threatened, at risk, and in certain situations being eliminated altogether.


It is long overdue and about time fellow Conservatives come together to actually “Do Something” rather than continue to feel there isn’t anything we can do.


Imagine the Power of Millions of Conservatives Supporting Each Other in Critical Areas such as Commerce, Employment, and more…


    We BELIEVE we must draw a line somewhere and take a stand against losing ground with these Leftists and losing the America we love and cherish and wish to leave to our children and grandchildren! We MUST vote in record numbers at the ballot box using the power of our FIRST vote BUT we must also use the power of our SECOND vote at the cash register!  We are growing a powerful and secure online community of Patriotic Conservatives committed to helping each other to protect and improve our Conservative Way of Life!

Calling All Conservative Consumers and Business Owners –

The time is NOW!

We NEED YOUR HELP to GROW our online marketplace where Conservative consumers and businesses can find like-minded Conservative businesses to choose to spend their hard-earned dollars.

We are “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”


American Spirit Movement