Affiliate Marketers – FAQs
Common Questions From Prospective New Members And New Affiliates

Message From Our Founder – Kevin Sabbides

    Thank you for your consideration to join as a new Consumer or Business Member. You are reading this page because you were given this private website address from another member who is also an “AFFILIATE” with the American Spirit MARKETPLACE. When you join, you are helping your referring Affiliate representative as well as helping the American Spirit MARKETPLACE grow from sea-to-shining-sea. Conservatives want to help their fellow Conservative. Below are some of the more common questions we come across from prospective new members. As Conservatives, most of our members and affiliates see the “cost” of membership as an investment into a real Conservative platform where the common, everyday Conservative can actually “do something” to help their fellow Conservative. Our Consumer and Business members, as well as those who become Affiliates help us grow and by doing so we ALL RECEIVE mutually beneficial benefits! Our Consumer members see their $60 annual membership as an inexpensive way to be able to actually “DO SOMETHING” to help their friends, family, co-workers, etc. Our Business members are able to join an inexpensive CONSERVATIVE only community and refer within their local communities as they help spread the word of what we are doing. Our Consumer/Business AFFILIATE members have the ability to earn Affiliate income from their efforts to actively onboard new Consumer and Business members. So, no matter what walk-of-life we come from, we have an amazing opportunity to truly DO SOMETHING meaningful and impactful to help Conservatives and the Conservative movement which, by the way, cannot be done by attending another meeting or getting more upset from the continuous drumming of negativity around us!

     Remember – It’s not just our tagline, we ARE “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”. Patriotic Conservatives from all walks-of-life join as Consumer or Business members where we support each other in the areas of Commerce, Employment, Business-networking, Education, and Idea-sharing. We NEVER picket, occupy, cancel, riot, loot, or any engage in and other hateful behavior on display from the anti-America Leftist Faction within America. We are focused on being part of the solution and the best way we can accomplish this is to vote at the ballot box and also at the cash-register by supporting each other! It is NOT enough to know we are not the problem within America – we must come together and support each other as Patriotic Conservatives!


Godspeed and Thank You for reading (and joining)!

Kevin Sabbides – Founder/CEO
American Spirit Movement, LLC
American Spirit MARKETPLACE

Q. Is it possible for NON-members see ”membership lists” or current member information? Yes/No and Why/Why not?

NO – Not until they are a paying member and receive their secure login credentials. Here are 2 reasons why:


1) The very best way to keep “trolls” and antagonists OUT is to have a “paywall”. For example – as a Conservative, are you going to pay for a subscription to the New York Times to read an article sent to you by a Liberal trying to convince you to read something to change your mind? We feel strongly about having a PAYWALL in place. Even when it is a small amount it is effective to help keep away anyone who would otherwise have any type of access. Additionally, we will NEVER publish “lists” of any type. Many organizations SELL their membership database – we NEVER will!

2) We are asking 2022/2023 members to have LOW expectations of receiving a “return” on their membership EXCEPT for the fact they are supporting a Conservative platform where 100% of the revenues go toward continued growth, our Affiliates, and developmental enhancements.
     a) When a Consumer Member joins at $60 annually they are helping us. Their annual cost is low and will NEVER go up. It’s no more than the average of a monthly cup of really good coffee! We are 100% committed to growing and appreciate every member!
     b) When a Business Member joins at $29.95/$59.95/$89.95 monthly they are helping us grow and paying it forward with regard to helping us develop markets. Our Business Members who join in 2022/2023 will NEVER see their cost increase. These members will also have ZERO Business-networking expenses when we roll-out local in-person networking teams. IF, for example, a Business Member received “only” one new customer/client annually then we’re sure the membership “cost” is offset AND we’re really thankful for EVERY Business-member!


Q. Are there any membership contracts? Can members “cancel at any time”?

    There are NO membership contracts. Members can cancel at any time, and they will not be billed again. We have a high retention rate. We communicate with our membership base from day one that each member is appreciated and to stick with us as we’re growing this thing! We’re not wasting a single hard-earned dollar!


Q. What efforts are being made to grow the American Spirit MARKETPLACE and how can I get involved?

    Affiliate Marketers – ANY member can become an Affiliate Marketer. The American Spirit MARKETPLACE is happy to compensate Affiliates for their efforts to onboard new Consumer and Business members. We feel “long-term” this will be the best grass-root initiative to help open and expand markets!

    Business Development Professional Affiliates – ANY member can become a Business Development Professional Affiliate IF they have a desire to make this a career position. These professionals will have knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience with Business development / B2B / Outside sales. They will LOVE calling on Conservative businesses day in and day out and bringing them onboard. The compensation plan is commission with residuals. The performance plan is based upon realistic and achievable activity. The American Spirit MARKETPLACE Business Development Professional works an assigned area which is their local community. The compensation plan has no ceiling and is determined by the professional’s focus on their work.

    Affiliate Managers – We have opportunities for Affiliates to “manager others” and earn compensation from the efforts of those they manage.

    Consumer and Business Members – We love when our existing members refer new members! It takes some time for the word to spread but when it does we see the activity in the back-end of the site!

    Consumer and Business Members – We are always open to calling in for regular weekly segments on Conservative talk-radio shows, appearing as guests on Podcasts, and other opportunities to help us “get the word out”!

    Local and Regional Podcasts, Conservative Talk-radio shows, and other media outlets – We are always open to calling in for regular weekly segments on Conservative talk-radio shows, appearing as guests on Podcasts, and other opportunities to help us “get the word out”!

    Social Media, Public-speaking events, and other groups – We are always open to calling in for regular weekly segments on Conservative talk-radio shows, appearing as guests on Podcasts, and other opportunities to help us “get the word out”! We have an outreach within social media circles that exceeds 2M members. The word is getting “out there” BUT we are also keenly aware that attention spans are short which is why we have an AFFILIATE Marketer program to help attract, develop, and motivate our troops!


Q. From time-to-time we are asked “How many members do you have?”. Our Founder/CEO, Kevin Sabbides, is committed to members’ data security and chooses NOT to divulge membership counts outside of our membership base. Why does that matter? We feel what truly matters is the following:

    1) We are growing and we will grow to millions of members. We are in this for the long run. Our Founder/CEO, Operations, and Support Team, and Advisory Board are all visible within our respective communities. We are also very protective of our organization which includes our servers and our membership base. We do not fear the following but would rather limit exposure to agitators, trolls, “cancel-culture agents”, Etc.
    2) We want prospective new members and current members to focus LESS on membership numbers “today” and look to the future as we gather momentum and national exposure. The American Spirit Movement of Patriotic Conservatives is growing the American Spirit MARKETPLACE and we will look different 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 months from “today”! Let’s bust our collective Conservative butts to grow the American Spirit MARKETPLACE from sea-to-shining-sea!
    3) We will NEVER sell any membership information or members’ data of any type.
    4) We will NEVER sell banner advertising or display any annoying click-bait ads.
    5) We will NEVER sell to or merge with another entity. This is our pride and joy!
    6) We OWN AND MANAGE our own servers. We value security and privacy!
    7) We are a Patriotic, Conservative, and PRIVATELY owned enterprise. Our Founder and leader, Kevin Sabbides, is an immovable object within the Conservative movement!

American Spirit Movement