American Spirit Movement – Business Networking

“Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”


     My name is Kevin Sabbides and I am the Founder/CEO of the American Spirit Movement. I want to share an exciting update with our current and prospective new Business members we hope you will enjoy and also get excited about! Please take a few minutes to read about what we are doing. IF you are in the SW Florida market please consider attending our ASM – Business Networking launch meeting on October 18th, 2022 at the Estero Recreation Center, 6P, doors open at 5:30P for registration, socializing, and open-networking!

     American Spirit Movement Business Memberships also include membership for in-person business networking. Have you ever been a member of an organized business-networking organization? There are many out there BUT there is only one American Spirit Movement – Business Networking. We are a Patriotic Conservative membership organization. Our online platform is 100% membership driven and private. We own and manage our own servers. ONLY Conservative businesses and Conservative consumers are invited and welcome to join the American Spirit Movement.

     Here are a few key points of interest regarding the American Spirit Movement – Business Networking initiative:

  • We are launching our first ASM – Business Networking Chapter in SW Florida on October 18th, 2022, in Estero, Florida.
  • We invite service providers who are Conservative-owned / managed businesses to attend and learn more about who we are, what we’re doing, and WHY.
  • We are also interested to hear from professionals who feel they possess the skill-set to facilitate and grow teams within their local hometown markets.
  • We believe it is very important to support each other during the GOOD times. We believe it is CRITICALLY important to support each other during the bad times!
  • We believe there is no better time than NOW to establish your Conservative networks “today” so we can build a better “tomorrow” for like-minded supporters!  



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