Conservative “Activism” In The 21st Century

The American Spirit Movement: Conservative “Activism” In The 21st Century
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This is ASM Blog Post #8

*** It is important to follow these blog posts and subsequent videos in the order they are written and produced ***

     My name, is Kevin Sabbides. As the Founder of the American Spirit Movement, it is my intention, and responsibility, to say what I believe and communicate clearly. In previous blog posts I have shared “What we are doing” and “Why we’re doing this” and I have spoken extensively about where we are with regard to societal and political Factions within the context of the past with warnings from George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison, but also with regard to our present-day context where we now have a very dangerous, anti-America Faction who wishes to bring an end to the America you, and I, love and cherish.

Let’s be crystal clear – Conservative “Activism” looks NOTHING like Liberal Activism!

     It is critically important that we discern the differences of how Patriotic Conservatives react to not getting our way when it comes to Political or Societal issues we feel strongly about. The American Left is winning specifically because of how they are activated, the tactics they use, and their successful efforts to coordinate the efforts of their massive supporters. Who am I lumping together as the “American Left”?

The American Left includes but is not limited to:

  • ANYinformedLiberal who votes for Democrat politicians who advocate for any brand of fundamental transformation or Democratic Socialism; or, any policy that advocates for any policies or legislature that are geared toward achieving fundamental transformation to result in any vision of a Democratic Socialist nation state.
  • ANY entity known as main-stream media, corporate media, or social media with a clearly demonstrable pattern of behavior to support Leftist matters while diminishing or acting against Conservative matters.
  • ANY learning institution including Pre-K, K-12, and Universities, etc. that have demonstrated they have educators, staff, faculty, etc. who are utilizing inappropriate methods and materials to introduce, influence, and/or indoctrinate students to topics that are deviant and perverted with regard to customarily accepted societal normality or are historically inaccurate, or consist of subject matter that includes but is not limited to (Critical) Race-theory “CRT”, LGBTQ+, anti-America “Colonialism”, or any other subject matter that exerts a disproportionate effort to “prove” America is fatally flawed from it’s Founding and throughout history as an inherently “bad” place.
  • ANY large corporation capable of shaping public opinion or contributing massive amounts of money to Leftist Democrat politicians, Leftist organizations such as Antifa, BLM, Bail Fund donations, etc. These very large Liberal corporations provide countless millions of dollars to help fund Leftist efforts to “remake” America.
  • ANY United States intelligence agency who behaves with partisan prejudices. For too many years we have seen a progressive move Left by the very same agencies tasked with the responsibility to keep us safe and maintain the public trust. Our intelligence agencies have shifted hard Left since the Obama Presidency. “Today”, we witness in real time various agencies involved in nefarious activities against Republican politicians, Conservative organizations, Right-leaning / Conservative “Patriots”, et al.
  • ANYPopular Culture” segment of America that circles the wagons for Leftists through their celebrity which includes financial support of Leftist politicians, corporations, causes, etc. They also utilize large social media followings to influence further support for “Democratic Socialism” and “fundamental transformation” as well as outward societal dysfunction with riots, boycotts of Conservative businesses, canceling right-leaning people and businesses, etc. These entities include Hollywood, the music industry, the professional sports industry, among others.

     The cumulative efforts provided from the entities outlined above have had a devastating effect on our electorate which has resulted in an aggressive move Left regarding American politics and societal matters.

     Their collective efforts have paid off! The most rewarding result has been the creation of the morally credentialed self-righteous modern American Liberal.

     The modern American Liberal who is informed on the issues and votes for Democrat lawmakers who advocate for fundamental transformation into a Democratic Socialist nation state is the clear and present danger (Faction) within America. In prior articles I have written extensively about Factions. These “informed Liberals” are better referred to as American Leftists. Yes, these Leftists are even referred to as Marxists, Socialists, and Communists. I think “Leftist” encompasses all brands of radicalized activism that leans hard Left. These anti-America and anti-American Leftists desire to usher in their deviant and perverted vision of a Democratic Socialist nation state by fundamentally transforming a defective America into the vision of a “new America” that resides inside their mind.

     Yes, it is true that EVERY “informed” Liberal who voted for Joe Biden has made themselves known as anti-American Leftists. The informed Liberal makes up the Faction within America who HATES the Red, White, and Blue America Founded as a Constitutional Republic. These morally credentialed, self-righteous, anti-America Leftists believe the vision they have for a “Fundamentally Transformed” new Democratic Socialist America will replace what they feel is a fatally flawed United States of America. Here’s the problem – these anti-Americans can look you in the eye and ask for unity as the proverbial blade goes into your gut while they proclaim their deviant perversions are better for America; and you, the Patriotic Conservative, should simply just go away or be silenced, censored, canceled, etc. These people are cowards. But they are winning. The cumulative voting population of informed Liberals are anti-American Leftists who are indeed cowards. They will never outwardly admit their deeply held delusions of Progressivism, Liberalism, or even that their hatred of America has caused them to tragically become incompatible with a Constitutional Republic, so, therefore, they are now better described as the enemy within.

     Nobody circles the wagons better than the activated Left. Think of them as a school of one million fish changing directions simultaneously when activated meanwhile the Patriotic Conservative American typically will not subscribe to group-think tactics much less the destructive tactics utilized by these anti-American Leftists.

Leftists will:

  • Occupy and trash parks, public squares, city blocks, etc.
  • Picket and march with aggression and antagonistic behaviors
  • Loot and vandalize businesses both small and large
  • Riot and destroy private and public property including burning down businesses
  • Assault and kill innocents, young, elderly, and even the police in the name of “justice”
  • Censor and silence anyone they perceive a threat against their narrative, agenda, or cause
  • and so on…


     Conservatives mostly just want to be left alone to work their jobs / careers, raise their kids, enjoy the outdoors, attend church, or whatever we wish to do with the LEAST AMOUNT OF INTERFERENCE FROM GOVERNMENT AND/OR LEFTISTS IN GENERAL!


We MUST understand the TWO most important things we can do are:


  • No matter how frustrated we are with elections; we need to show up and vote in record numbers to help ensure we elect more Conservative candidates, and…
  • We need to utilize the power of our SECOND VOTE at the cash register with our Conservative dollars supporting local Conservative businesses.


     The American Spirit Movement is not an activist organization. We are not a PAC. We are not endorsing candidates. We do NOT picket, occupy, boycott, cancel, riot, or anything that involves being negative! I write about the harsh realities of a hateful Faction within America BUT we do NOT participate in things that are not productive for growing and serving our membership base!

We are BUILDING a grassroots movement of Conservative Businesses and Consumers joining our private and secure online “American Spirit MARKETPLACE”.

We are also HIRING Patriotic Conservatives who are B2B / Business Development / Outside Sales professionals with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and life experiences that will help them develop local markets where they live.

     The American Spirit Movement is the Conservative movement that can be the “Connective Tissue” to bring Conservative businesses, groups, and everyday citizens together from across America, from sea-to-shining-sea. What better way to fortify our positions by “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”? What better way for local Conservative businesses and consumers to support each other in the areas of Commerce, Employment, Business networking, Education, and Idea sharing?

     By joining the American Spirit Movement, you are joining a group of Patriotic Conservative red-blooded Americans who are committed to helping their fellow member wherever they can. If we don’t find a way to come together across this country, then we are going to watch America’s Left continue to pervert societal values, divide people through identity politics, and tear down our cherished institutions as they unravel every remaining red, white, and blue thread of the America you and I love and cherish! If we were to reach just 100,000 members, we would garner the attention of every Conservative host with a national audience and we would quickly be on the path to 1,000,000 members. There is safety in numbers. There is power in numbers. There is security in numbers. Join with us and help be a part of the solution.

     The Time Is NOW to come together in a way they never imagined we could! The harsh reality of the situation is that we have no choice but to find some common ground of unity as Patriotic Conservatives. We MUST always vote at the ballot box in the Spirit of our values BUT we MUST come together no matter where we are from sea-to-shining-sea and utilize the collective power and influences we can build upon by supporting each other in Commerce, Employment, Networking, Education, and Idea-sharing. The American Spirit Movement is doing just that!


     We have built the American Spirit MARKETPLACE. The American Spirit MARKETPLACE is a safe and secure, login-credentialed, membership site where Conservative Businesses and Consumers join and support each other! There are several impactful ways we can help each other as we are “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”. Some have even said we are Defunding Liberalism and Seceding from Leftism – one Conservative dollar at a time!


     Yes, the time is NOW. Join with us. Join the American Spirit MARKETPLACE. Tell your Patriotic Conservative friends who own businesses and those who would support them – TO JOIN TODAY! We cannot afford to give up any more ground because I believe we have far surpassed the tipping point of Factions. Our Founders were wise enough to warn us about Factions. NOW it’s up to us. It’s up to you.


Are you ready?  Let’s do this!  Join today.


ANNUIT COEPTIS and Godspeed,

Kevin Sabbides – Founder/CEO
American Spirit Movement, LLC
American Spirit MARKETPLACE

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