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American Spirit Movement – Estero / Bonita Springs Chapter

June 14, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm


**** Doors open at 5:30P for Registration / Socializing / Open-networking


We are launching Conservative Community meetings for our project – the American Spirit Movement. Our FIRST Chapter is launching in the Estero / Bonita Springs, Florida market. Throughout Q3, 2022 we will add additional locations throughout SW Florida from Marco Island to Punta Gorda. We are being approached by others interested to lead ASM Meetings in other areas in Florida and other states so we need to get these refined and ready for others to run with!

These will not be “Republican Club” functions or meetings. We are not affiliated with NOR do we have any interest to be affiliated with any Republican / RINO Club of any type.

If you truly are a Patriotic Conservative and want to participate in “better” local meetings that aren’t your typical “Republican Club” meetings then check out what we’re doing. We are introducing what we refer to as the ABCs for a TRUE Conservative meeting initiative that we believe will help bring Conservatives out of the “silos” we operate in AND provide the “connective tissue” that will help bring many more of us together!

Come experience structured, purposeful, and engaging Chapter meetings that incorporate powerful Conservative ABC’s! Stronger together. Silent no longer!

A – America First – 💪🇺🇸 Interests and policies that put America First in the Spirit of our “American Exceptionalism” 💪🇺🇸

B – Business among Conservatives – 💲💲💲 Your “second vote” with your wallet helps to “Keep Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!” – also known as Defunding Liberalism 💲💲💲

C – Constitutional Conservatism – 🗳📖💯 Modern radicalized Liberalism needs to met head-on by modern unwavering Conservatism. Our Founders. Our Founding documents. Our values. Our principles. Our history. Our future…  IT ALL MATTERS! 🗳📖💯

I think it’s about time we have REAL Conservative meetings throughout SW Florida (and beyond).

Our target audience? Conservatives of all ages and from all walks-of-life!

1) The younger, right-leaning / Conservative “kids” – many are in college being indoctrinated by tenured professors and we will have a home for the younger crowd. The Left is hellbent on corrupting these young minds and we need to make sure Conservatism can reside with the next generation!

2) The working-age folks these are the moms and dads who typically don’t have time to get involved because they are busting their butts to raise a family BUT would MAKE TIME once monthly to be around fellow Conservatives!

3) The Conservative Business-owner – these are the businesses we need to support with our “Second Vote” – our wallets! We will build on one of our core initiatives of “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!” by providing an environment where Conservatives who own local businesses can come and we learn more about “who they are, what they do, and how we can support them”.

4) Retirees are amazing Conservative activists and supporters! – Their wisdom is valuable. These resolute Conservatives KNOW exactly what to do!

5) Conservatives who are frustrated and fed-up with local Republican “clubs or groups” – The common problem with these groups is that they “keep you enraged to keep you engaged!”. Meeting after meeting, month after month – what’s their purpose? They are too myopic to see they are becoming less relevant because they cannot change their ways to embrace a deeper level of Conservatism to better fight against the forces of the “modern” Leftists!

I think we have too many UNINSPIRING, self-serving, meetings from “Republican Clubs” that are essentially too myopic to see the need to change otherwise they are going to fade away as they continue to grow more and more – irrelevant.

I think we need to find a way “TODAY” to bring Conservatives together because all-too-often we Patriotic Conservatives operate within “silos” with no real “connective tissue” that gives us a unified voice on a common mission. We need to be better than we were “yesterday”, so we can take control of “today”, so we can fight for a better “tomorrow” otherwise we will NOT have a Republic to pass along to future generations!


IF you are in Lee / Collier counties then I would LOVE for you to think about getting behind the American Spirit Movement’s Conservative meeting format and come check out what we’re doing.

ANNUIT COEPTIS and Godspeed!

Kevin Sabbides – Founder/CEO
American Spirit Movement, LLC
American Spirit MARKETPLACE


June 14, 2022
6:00 pm - 7:45 pm


Founder/CEO – Kevin Sabbides


Estero Recreation Center
9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd
Estero, FL 33928 United States
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(239) 533-1470
American Spirit Movement