The American Spirit Movement is what you’re joining! The American Spirit Marketplace is where you’ll be granted exclusive access so Conservative-minded businesses and consumers can come together to support each other in the areas of commerce, employment, business-networking, education, idea-sharing and more. We have no doubt that membership will grow and grow rapidly and WITH YOUR HELP we are ready to take this Conservative movement across America from sea to shining sea!

IF you join as a PATRIOT FOUNDER Consumer or Business member you will receive a FREE month of membership for EVERY new member you refer who JOINS and remains a member in good standing for at least 60 days!

IMPORTANT – How the FIRST 1776 FOUNDING PATRIOTS Membership will work until we have reached our pre-launch membership goals…

*** Join as a Conservative Consumer Member
– There are 3 membership options to choose from. When you are among the FIRST 1776 members in your respective state to join as a PATRIOT FOUNDER you will be eligible to earn 1776 ASM points for EVERY NEW CONSUMER member you refer who also joins as a PATRIOT FOUNDER! You can choose to apply your ASM points toward membership dues, buy cool merchandise from the ASM store or even donate your points (ASM dollars) to one of our supported foundations. It really is that simple. For example, if you refer 12 of your friends, family, co-workers, business-owners, etc. you effectively could have a free year of membership or other benefits. GO SPREAD THE GOOD WORD – WE NEED YOUR HELP!



*** Join as a Conservative Business Member –  There are 3 membership options to choose from. For EVERY new BUSINESS member you refer who joins at the same level then you will earn the equal amount in ASM dollars which you can use toward a free month of membership. For EVERY new CONSUMER member you refer who joins at the $17.76 monthly option then you will receive $17.76 in ASM dollars.


These FOUNDING MEMBER benefits never expire! You will be recognized respectively and accordingly within the American Spirit Movement and American Spirit Marketplace!


ALL membership subscription revenues will be used to help manage and GROW the American Spirit Movement while expanding the American Spirit MARKETPLACE. Every-single-dollar will be allocated wisely. The Founder and CEO is visible within his local community as an upstanding business-owner AND also a well-known Conservative throughout the SW Florida community! There will be NO mismanagement or misappropriation of funds under the leadership of our Founder and CEO – Kevin Sabbides.


There are no donations! You are voting with your wallet and buying an affordable and value-packed monthly-recurring membership in an exclusive online Conservative Marketplace and you are receiving an important service in return that will help fellow Conservatives and help fuel the Conservative Movement. This is NOT a non-profit organization. Conservative non-profits are regularly harassed and attacked on many fronts. We anticipated this and we will be better equipped to do so as a corporation instead of a non-profit.


Contact us to learn how to become an INVESTOR with the American Spirit Movement, LLC.



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