The League of Extraordinary Conservatives

There are some very positive developments coming “soon” with regard to the “League of Extraordinary Conservatives”. We will be forming LOCAL community membership chapters where members meet monthly. These will not be “Republican Club” type meetings. These are America First – Patriotic Conservative meetings. We have a “Meeting Agenda” we believe is purposeful, educational, and helps provide local Conservatives the opportunity to co-mingle with fellow like-minded America First – Patriotic Conservatives.

We will focus on TWO core initiatives:

1) How can impassioned Conservatives truly make a difference within their local community, their state, and the White House with regard to their “First Vote” at the ballot box, and…
2) How can these very same Conservatives truly make a difference within their local community with regard to their “Second Vote” supporting local Conservative businesses

The Meeting Agenda format is based upon what we refer to as the “Conservative ABCs”.

These are:

A – America First Initiatives

B – Business with Conservatives

C – Constitutional Conservatism


Each focal point above will be a serious endeavor to help local Conservatives build more effective coalitions and better focus their energies with regard to their Conservative Activism politically and financially!


A – America First Initiatives: This exciting part of the Conservative ABCs format is focused on the Conservative Activist who would like to learn how they can plug into the most effective way to participate within the political process when it comes to their LOCAL community. There is something critically important within every county across America that requires more Conservatives to get involved “TODAY” for us to secure a better “TOMORROW” within our Constitutional Republic. We will be committed to showing you how you can plug into this America First Initiative within your local communities.


B – Business with Conservatives: The League of Extraordinary Conservatives is going to help educate members on the power of our second vote as we seek out and support local Conservative businesses by “Keeping Conservatives Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”. We do this best when we can build coalitions of Conservative businesses who support each other in Commerce, Employment, Business-networking, Education, and Idea-sharing.


C – Constitutional Conservatism: Knowledge is power. Know when to choose your debates and your audiences. Learn more about things such as:

* Why are we (deliberately) a Constitutional Republic versus a Pure Democracy?

* How did our Constitution come to be?

* Who were the Federalists and the anti-Federalists?

* What was the 28th grievance omitted from the Declaration of Independence and why?

* What are Factions in the context of how Washington, Madison, and Hamilton spoke and wrote about from the inception of America, our Constitutional Republic

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