The American Spirit Movement – The Time Is NOW!

The American Spirit Movement – “The Time Is NOW!”
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This is ASM Blog Post #5

*** It is important to follow these blog posts and subsequent videos in the order they are written and produced ***


My name, is Kevin Sabbides. As the Founder of the American Spirit Movement, it is my intention, and responsibility, to say what I believe and communicate clearly. In previous blog posts I have shared “What we are doing” and “Why we’re doing this” and have spoken extensively about where we are regarding societal Factions within the context of the past with warnings from George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Paine, but also with regard to our present-day context where we now have a very dangerous, anti-America Faction who wishes to bring an end to the America you and I love and cherish.


This blog post is aptly titled – “The Time Is NOW!” and with every passing day the informed and activated Liberals, who are now modern Leftists, are winning in the long game and making tremendous gains toward achieving their ultimate goal of fundamentally transforming our Constitutional Republic into the “NEW America” they have long worked for. They don’t celebrate “wins”, they build on them.


You don’t have to travel too far back in time to understand the cumulative damages our nation has persevered through and the pain from the real consequences we live with as a result of incremental Progressivism and the rapid acceleration of the Liberal, now anti-American, Marxist agenda we see in play right before our eyes! Meanwhile, we turn the other cheek. We “hate the sin but love the sinner”. We learn to live with another pound of (Patriotic) flesh carved from our very being.


Progressivism has migrated further Left and faster with each passing decade. Think of this in the same way as the “boil the frog” analogy where a frog will not jump out of the comfort of the pot of tepid water even as the heat is ever-so-slightly increased over time until he falls prey to the effects of the boiling water BUT throw a frog into boiling water and you’ll see the poor frog move as you’ve never seen a frog move before! The modern “INFORMED” Liberal, who votes Democrat, in reality, IS a modern-day Leftist. A growing segment of the Democrat party, and those who support them, are observably and even by definition, anti-American. The “Liberal” of 2021 is very different from the Liberal of 2011, 1981, 1961, etc.


YOU, the Patriotic Conservative, ARE the only obstacle remaining to prevent activated Leftists from snuffing out every semblance of an America you love. These morally credentialed, self-righteous Leftists are unraveling every red, white, and blue thread of everything you cherish about our Constitutional Republic. A growing group of societal miscreants is perverting every societal value you hold dear. They are coming for you, your children, your employer, and any other angle they can exploit to marginalize you and make you completely irrelevant much less a threat to oppose them and their American Spirit killing agenda as they usher in their “NEW America” as a result of their fundamental transformation of an America they saw as flawed from inception and evil in every defining way Marxists can think of.


ENOUGH! The Time IS Now to come together in a way they could never even imagine we could. By now, you have most likely heard me talk about our TWO powerful votes in America – where your first is always at the ballot box BUT your second is and must be at the cash register – with your wallets! My fellow Patriotic Conservative Americans – the Left literally owns every major monolith of financial and social influence and power throughout society AND given their “woke movement” and “cancel culture” they are not afraid to use their power and influence as they come together to make your collective and individual lives miserable whenever and wherever they can. We often work toward compromise and even unity while they would have no issue with the eradication of your principled-Conservative way of life in exchange for you living in their vision of a Democratic Socialist America!


The Time Is NOW to come together in a way they never imagined we could! The harsh reality of the situation is that we have no choice but to find some common ground of unity as Patriotic Conservatives. We MUST always vote at the ballot box in the Spirit of our values BUT we MUST come together no matter where we are from sea-to-shining-sea and utilize the collective power and influences we can build upon by supporting each other in Commerce, Employment, Networking, Education, and Idea-sharing. The American Spirit Movement is doing just that!


We have built the American Spirit MARKETPLACE. The American Spirit MARKETPLACE is a safe and secure, login-credentialed, membership site where Conservative Businesses and Consumers join and support each other! There are several impactful ways we can help each other as we are “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”. Some have even said we are Defunding Liberalism and Seceding from Leftism – one Conservative dollar at a time!


Yes, the time is NOW. Join with us. Join the American Spirit MARKETPLACE. Tell your Patriotic Conservative friends who own businesses and those who would support them – TO JOIN TODAY! We cannot afford to give up any more ground because I believe we have far surpassed the tipping point of Factions. Our Founders were wise enough to warn us about Factions. NOW it’s up to us. It’s up to you.


Are you ready? Let’s do this! Join today.


ANNUIT COEPTIS and Godspeed,

Kevin Sabbides – Founder/CEO
American Spirit Movement, LLC
American Spirit MARKETPLACE

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