The American Spirit Movement – What Are We Doing?

The American Spirit Movement – “What Are We Doing?”
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Welcome to the American Spirit Movement. My name is Kevin Sabbides and I am the Founder and CEO. I am also an unapologetic Patriotic Conservative American citizen with a long-established, non-negotiable, set of values and principles when it comes to the red, white, and blue of the America I love and believe in. I am 52 years old, a father, grand-father, husband, Christian, entrepreneur, and I am concerned, no, fearful – that we are witnessing, in real-time, the ushering in of the “Fundamental Transformation” of America as a result of the efforts of a very loud and deviant “Faction” within our society who has not only NEVER let up, but has actually intensified their efforts once they could see the finish line ahead. For decades we called these efforts “incremental progressivism” coming from modern Liberalism, but these efforts are now better described as radicalized Leftism coming from modern (democratic) Socialists. There is no place in a Constitutional Republic for radicalized Leftists wishing to usher in any form of Socialism.

To better understand what the American Spirit Movement “is”; it is important to know for certain what it is NOT. The American Spirit Movement is NOT a political movement. It is NOT any form of a PAC (political action committee).  We are NOT at all related to any other company or organization. We are NOT a “non-profit” or “not-for-profit” organization.

We are a grassroots movement, from sea-to-shining-sea, of Patriotic Americans, built for Patriotic Americans who would self-identify as “Conservative”. We have a Mission, Value, and Promise statement to help get our message across:



The mission of the American Spirit Movement is to provide the place and opportunity for Conservative-principled American citizens to be able to seek out and support each other in the areas of commerce, employment, business-networking, education, idea-sharing and other ways possible that will help the American Spirit Movement grow as well as strengthen and expand the overall Conservative movement within America.



The vision of the American Spirit Movement is to build America’s leading Conservative movement with members committed to supporting each other which will help to preserve and even enhance our members’ prosperity and security during good times and bad times.



The American Spirit Movement promises to provide an environment that is a positive experience for our members.

Welcome to the American Spirit Movement!

Our mission is simple and our vision is clear. We are NOT interested in boycotting anyone, picketing anywhere, or cancelling anything! We are Conservative consumers and Conservative business owners who need each other and are committed to supporting each other in ways that will enable us to defund Liberalism and secede from Leftism in small ways each and every day when we CHOOSE whom we support in Commerce, Employment, Business-networking, Education, and Idea-sharing.

This is a Conservative free-market movement. This is a Conservative values and idea-sharing movement. This is the American Spirit Movement, and TOGETHER we are building the American Spirit MARKETPLACE! Inside of our MARKETPLACE we have members who are enc0uraging Conservative businesses to join. We have members finding Conservative businesses they would rather spend their money with OR work for! We have privacy and growing strength with growing numbers! We own our own servers! We will never sell any of our members’ data – NEVER! We also will NEVER litter our site with annoying clickbait ads…

And, for those still curious just how deep our convictions run please know that we categorically reject the following:

  1. We reject efforts from America’s “Left” to unravel every thread of the red, white, and blue America we love,
  2. We reject Liberalism and the increasingly deviant perversions of our great American society,
  3. We reject “democratic” Socialism in any form and the assaults on free-enterprise and capitalism,
  4. We reject assertions made by those who claim America was, is, and continues to be fundamentally flawed,
  5. We reject the Leftist phenomena of “cancel-culture” and “wokeism”,
  6. We reject “identity politics” and the divisive tactics of the Left,
  7. We reject CRT (Critical Race Theory) in every form throughout academia and society in general

Our site contains a wealth of information regarding our deeply held beliefs and values as outlined in our “Pillars of Principle”…

The American Spirit Movement is who we are and the American Spirit MARKETPLACE is what we’re doing. When you join, you are joining as a Patriotic Conservative American citizen who either owns a Conservative business OR you are someone who is committed to seeking out and supporting Conservative commerce. We are using the immense power of our “second vote” when we vote with our wallets at the cash register!

There are tens-of-millions of us all across this amazing Constitutional Republic who are feeling much the same as our fellow Patriotic Conservative American. We ARE the majority. We have the potential to move money among ourselves, ensure we are “hiring Right” through employment opportunities, share ideas, and learn more about many topics we have interests in.

We are not the destructive “Faction” within America.

In closing, we MUST come together in a way that we can each “do something” DAILY that isn’t difficult, doesn’t interfere with other valiant and noble Conservative causes BUT most importantly, actually HELPS those in our daily lives that we care about and love while also taking a bite out of Leftism and slowing the erosive effects of Liberalism by “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”. Help your fellow Patriotic Conservative American by joining with us as we grow this movement and build our MARKETPLACE from sea-to-shining-sea!

Join TODAY. Let’s work on growing through strength in numbers so we can defund Liberalism and secede from Leftism in our daily lives!


ANNUIT COEPTIS and Godspeed!

Kevin Sabbides – Founder / CEO
American Spirit Movement, LLC
American Spirit MARKETPLACE

American Spirit Movement