The American Spirit Movement – Who Are We?

The American Spirit Movement – “Who Are We?”
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My name is Kevin Sabbides. I am the leader, the Founder/CEO of the American Spirit Movement. I am 52 years old, married, father, Christian, entrepreneur, and have been a Conservative since I was a young boy. My first recollection of anything “political” was when I was lying in the back of the family station wagon in the late 70s asking my dad – “Dad, why are we waiting in line so long to get gas?” My dad’s reply was “Because we have a President who doesn’t believe in energy independence son.” I then asked my dad – “Dad, what’s energy independence?” I was 10 years old.

Another memory etched into my mind was watching the TV as Americans held hostage by Iran for 444 days were freed mere minutes after Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the 40th President of the United States of America. I recall watching the nightly news with my parents as the number of days of the “Iran Hostage Crisis” kept growing. On January 20th, 1980 what became cemented into my young mind has remained ever since – there are differences between Conservatism and Liberalism with regard to how America interacts with the world from a position of strength both perceived and real. My thoughts as I watched the inauguration of Ronald Reagan, 5 days before my 11th birthday, were along the lines that lives were saved and our citizens were released because a foreign entity (Iran) did not want to deal with a “Ronald Reagan” President but were not so concerned about a “Jimmy Carter” President.

For over 40 years I have been a Conservative. There have been many times I have been frustrated and even disenfranchised with the Republican party because of their apparent abandonment too many times of the body of work of Conservatism. Of course, the frightful alternative of Liberalism, and the Democrat party on the whole, has always alternatively, by comparison, made the Republican party “simply look and feel less bad”. There are only four “eras” over the past 40 years where I felt Conservatism, or a close semblance of Conservatism, was going to have any chance of jumping off the operating table:

  1. Ronald Reagan – The “Reagan Revolution”
  2. The “Contract with America”
  3. The “Tea Party Movement”
  4.  Donald Trump – “MAGA – (Make America Great Again) / America First”

This concludes what will be the entirety of what I will write about “politics” because the American Spirit Movement and American Spirit MARKETPLACE are not political but rather their foundations rooted within the virtues of Conservatism along with the vision of our Founders for a “more perfect union” becoming what would later be known as the (lower-case “u”) united States of America.

The American Spirit Movement has three (3) key statements and ten (10) Pillars of Principle. To conserve content I am linking to these very important foundational value statements I have created for the American Spirit Movement.

Here is the link to our Mission, Vision, and Promise statements:

Here is the link to our Pillars of Principle:

The “Conservative” movement was born from efforts to stall the efforts of Progressivism. It is unclear “when” Conservatism came to light but many “experts” purport it was 1937 upon the formation of the “Congressional Conservative Coalition” which was mostly in response to FDR’s “New Deal” enacted 1933 – 1939 consisting of many progressive federal programs, laws, and executive orders. The New Deal is heralded as the foundation for catapulting progressivism upon American economics and policy-making which is generally referred to as “today’s” Liberalism.

The American Spirit Movement is a Patriotic Conservative movement.

By my estimate, there are approximately 81,000,000+ American citizens who self-identify as “Conservative”. I looked at credible third party sources that track voter registrations (Republican, Independent, and Democrat) by state as well as data from extensive polling of how registered voters self-identify with regard to political ideology (Conservative, Moderate, and Liberal).

Our intended audience is comprised of the 81,000,000+ American citizens who self-identify as Conservative. The American Spirit Movement intends to bring Americans closer together who typically associate themselves with “Conservative values” as well as others who wish to help us expand the “Conservative tent”.  This movement signifies the coming together of Americans who believe that together we are stronger BUT only if our beliefs and core values are aligned with the actions that we take to help America be the best that she can be.

We realize we are also helping to ensure we are helping each other as fellow members and we support an approach that says if we are truly committed with our efforts and work hard to be a contributor to our American Exceptionalism and a positive influence within our great society then we will make America stronger and we will prosper; if we feel we are entitled to benefit from our American society without contributing to what makes America exceptional then we will make America weaker and we will certainly suffer.

Simply stated, we believe we can be the solution to many “problems” if we work together. 

The American Spirit Movement is bringing Americans closer together who associate themselves with conservative values. We earnestly and wholeheartedly do not believe we are a part of the problem BUT rather see ourselves as the silent majority that MUST be a part of the solution. This movement signifies the coming together of Americans who believe that together we are stronger BUT only if our beliefs and core values are aligned with the actions that we take to help America be the best that she can be so we may peacefully enjoy our pursuits of Life, Liberty, and Happiness as we simply want to live our “Conservative way of life”! We have a plan and it does NOT involve picketing, protesting, occupying, boycotting, “cancelling”, or any other despicable activity typically associated with the behaviors we have witnessed recently as well as over the past several decades coming from activated Liberals who are now clearly demonstrating they are anti-American Leftists.

In closing; the body of work of the American Spirit Movement is from my heart and mind with a cumulative knowledge of how inherently bad (modern) Liberalism is for America and that America is not fatally flawed from our founding but rather a blessed undertaking well-documented by our Founders with a responsibility to continue to build upon their vision for our Constitutional Republic while preserving (conserving) our foundational values, virtues, and principles.

ANNUIT COEPTIS and Godspeed!

Kevin Sabbides – Founder/CEO
American Spirit Movement
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