How Do You “Fight Back” Against The Leftist Faction Within America
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I work my ass off as a Patriotic Conservative because there is a Faction among us that wants to end us. Yes, you read that right. Several of our Founders (Washington, Hamilton, and Madison) warned us about “Factions” and we most definitely have a Faction among us who works feverishly to unravel every red, white, and blue thread of the America you and I love and cherish. This Faction is comprised of American Leftists, also known as the modern “informed” Liberal, who is the morally credentialed, self-righteous enemy within America who would prefer you, the Patriot, the Conservative, be silenced and made completely irrelevant.


They are winning! These “woke” anti-America hardened ideologues “own” every major segment of society such as:

* Big Tech
* Corporate / Legacy Media
* Big Corporations
* Academia
* Popular Culture / Hollywood
* Professional Sports
* Intelligence Agencies (FBI, DOJ, CIA, Etc.)
* Politics (Even when in the minority, Liberals “win”)


What if I were to tell you “taking back our country” will not be possible until the following are realized:


1) We have FACTIONS! Accept the reality that there can be no “unity” within America between the governing bodies of Democrats and Republicans. No unity between Liberals and Conservatives. No unity between the Factions of anything that looks like they are anti-America or anti-American within the context of them finding America needs “Fundamental Transformation” into some deviant, perverted form of a “Democratic Socialist” nation state. You CANNOT change the heart or mind of someone who views you as an obstacle toward their vision of a remade Socialist America. Concentrate your time, energy, efforts, finances, skills, talents, etc. in support of fellow Patriotic Conservatives. Arguing with Liberals / Leftists is an exercise in futility! Get involved in anything you can where you will have the opportunity to call out deviant perverted behaviors from morally credentialed self-righteous Leftists wherever they are.


2) We need TERM LIMITS! We will not have stability, healing, and prosperity as a Constitutional Republic until we vote OUT career Politicians, RINOs, Leftists, Etc. and vote IN PRO-America First, Constitutionalists who are Patriots and unashamed of that title. ALL Democrats who have signed onto the mission of Fundamental Transformation are the clear and present danger within America.


3) We need to find a way to build coalitions among Conservative groups within America! When I Founded the American Spirit Movement I understood and accepted the number one reason why Liberals always seem “to win” is because it’s easy to be a Liberal and it is easy to “win” as a Liberal. Liberals intuitively know what to do in any given situation. They do not play by the same rules as Conservatives. There are no rules much less boundaries recognized by the modern-American Liberal. By and large, as a voting bloc, they vote selfishly. They account for more “single-issue voters” than those who self-identify as Conservative. Liberals who are “informed” and vote for Democrats they perceive can usher in a fundamentally transformed democratically Socialist America are, in fact, the enemy within America. These Liberals are indeed activated Leftists. They are winning because their brand of crazy is so harsh and effective that they gain yards when they have the ball while Conservatives gain inches, or often go backwards.


There are TWO things that must be done every single day by Patriotic Conservatives:


1) Vote at the BALLOT BOX at every-single-election and vote Conservatives into office. Vote in dogcatchers, mosquito-control, Judges, School Board members, ANY OFFICE of public service – put Conservatives into service and America will be better served by-and-large by Patriotic Conservatives running for these offices. If there is not a Patriotic Conservative running for office, then consider running to serve!

2) Vote with YOUR WALLET at the cash register at Conservative small businesses all across America so we are “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”. 


I founded the American Spirit Movement so we could build the American Spirit MARKETPLACE where Conservative Consumers and Businesses could connect in Commerce, Employment, Networking, Education, and Idea-sharing.

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