We have built the foundation for a Powerful Online Community Marketplace of Conservatives Committed to Helping Each Other to Protect and Improve Our Conservative Way of Life. This is where we need your help block-by-block, city-by-city, state-by-state…


  • We are talking about YOU, the local entrepreneur, the brave small business owner who has laid everything on the line for your family and your business. We want to grow a membership base of consumers and fellow businesses to support each other!
  • We are talking about YOU, the consumer who understands the wisdom and benefits of supporting local small businesses. We want to help you locate local like-minded businesses who also love America!
  • We are also talking about unleashing the tremendous amount of unharnessed power that exists between small businesses and consumers who both believe in and share the same values and principles for a better America! (We vote with our wallets!)

You are Joining The American Spirit Movement to GAIN ACCESS to The American Spirit MARKETPLACE!

The American Spirit Marketplace will offer connections in:

  • COMMERCE (Business Directory of participating Conservative Businesses)
  • EMPLOYMENT ( Job board to connect Conservative job seekers to available positions in Conservative businesses)
  • BUSINESS NETWORKING (Local groups of Conservative businesses teaming together to refer leads and build business)
  • EDUCATION (Subject matter experts offering ideas, education, informative articles, etc.)
  • IDEA SHARING (Forum of various discussions led and generated by ASM members)


Business Directory – Your hard-earned dollars at work!

  • Conservative businesses build their Marketplace profiles to be found by BOTH Consumer and Business members
  • Members can receive special offers from participating businesses when members businesses offer specials
  • PRIVATE membership status so no member will need to be concerned about membership integrity – we will never sell your information or data – NEVER!
  • Members who patronize your business will be encouraged to leave you positive reviews within “the MARKETPLACE” so other members can see these as well



JOBS – Post a Job / Find a Job

  • Business members will be able to post job positions they are hiring to fill at a cost lower than similar services (early phase is no-charge)
  • Consumer members will be able to submit their resumé or CV for FREE to be found by Business members who are hiring
  • What better way to find a “Conservative” employer or employee!


BUSINESS NETWORKING – Your own personal salesforce! 
  • Once Business memberships grow within their respective communities then they can form Professionally Organized Business Networking Teams (no larger than 35) to supercharge their effectiveness and add more customers / clients!
  • Elite “20-Teams” can also be formed within select industries so best-practices can be shared without concern of local (friendly) competition
  • Special attention given to the “TRADES” to help attract, develop, motivate, and retain talent and management
  • …and more


EDUCATION – “Subject Matter Experts” offer expert opinions on a wide array of topics!

  • Business – Finance, Tax, Bookkeeping, HR, Digital and Non-digital Marketing, Advertising, Coaching / Consulting, and more…
  • Home-Improvement – HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and more…
  • Personal Improvement – Finances, Health, Coaching / Consulting, and more…
  • American Exceptionalism – The U.S. Constitution / Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, Expanding Conservatism, and more…
  • and so much more!


IDEA SHARING – Learn more and no more forum “trolls!”

  • Members will have free access to the discussion forum which will be built by end of Q2 2021
  • Members will be able to create unique user identities and interact within the forum community
  • Moderators will not tolerate “trolling.” Of course we believe in free-speech BUT you are paying for our service/s and we won’t tolerate bad behavior!


E-Newsletter – Stay informed on what’s happening at the ASM!

  • Monthly E-Newsletter distribution to all of the members who opt-in.
  • We will NEVER sell or distribute our membership list – NEVER!
  • Members will also be able to contribute to content by sharing their views, opinions, and success stories


Online Store – Support the movement and buy cool stuff!

  • Online store where members and visitors can purchase a wide selection of items representative of Patriotism, Conservatism, and the American Spirit Movement
  • ALL merchandise sold is sourced and MADE IN THE U.S.A.


American Spirit Movement