What If We Reach One Million Members?

The American Spirit Movement – What If We Reach One Million Members?

The American Spirit Movement – “What If We Reach One Million Members?”
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This is ASM Blog Post #6

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My name, is Kevin Sabbides. As the Founder of the American Spirit Movement, it is my intention, and responsibility, to say what I believe and communicate clearly. In previous blog posts I have shared “What we are doing” and “Why we’re doing this” and have spoken extensively about where we are regarding societal Factions within the context of the past with warnings from George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Paine, but also with regard to our present-day context where we now have a very dangerous, anti-America Faction who wishes to bring an end to the America you and I love and cherish.


This blog post is aptly titled – “What If We Reach One Million Members?” There is a very harsh reality we need to come to grips with; we are the majority Faction who remains mostly silent, and we are losing the America we love on every front to the minority Faction who is never silent. Once we can acknowledge this fact; the fact that we are losing – we can then assess where we are, fortify our current position, organize in a meaningful way, and then take decisive action to “Defund Liberalism and Secede from Leftists!” We have been losing every major political, societal, and cultural battle decade after decade after decade.


The American Spirit Movement is the Conservative movement that can be the “Connective Tissue” to bring Conservative businesses, groups, and everyday citizens together from all across America, from sea-to-shining-sea. What better way to fortify our positions by “Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!”? What better way for local Conservative businesses and consumers to support each other in the areas of Commerce, Employment, Networking, Education, and Idea sharing?


What happens if we reach One Million Members? If we were to grow to one million members, we would literally have a membership base that would consist of just 1% of those who self-identify as “Conservative” in America today. According to research I have done, there are over 80 million registered voters who self-identify as Conservative. I am convinced there are over 100 million Americans who would closely identify with Conservative values. The problem is that we are nowhere near as effective at working together as compared to Liberals. The Left in America works together in ways that are completely different than Conservatives. America’s Left intuitively knows what to do and when and they do it loudly and without playing by the rules. They do not respect boundaries. They do not stay in bounds. They would be perfectly happy if YOU would simply step aside because YOU are in their way as an obstacle as they work tirelessly toward the fundamental transformation of the America you love into their Democratic Socialist “New America”!

By joining the American Spirit Movement, you are joining a group of Patriotic Conservative red-blooded Americans who are committed to helping their fellow member wherever they can. If we don’t find a way to come together across this country, then we are going to watch America’s Left continue to pervert societal values, divide people through identity politics, and teardown our cherished institutions as they unravel every remaining red, white, and blue thread of the America you and I love and cherish! If we were to reach just 100,000 members, we would garner the attention of every Conservative host with a national audience and we would quickly be on the path to 1,000,000 members. There is safety in numbers. There is power in numbers. There is security in numbers. Join with us and help be a part of the solution.


The Time Is NOW to come together in a way they never imagined we could! The harsh reality of the situation is that we have no choice but to find some common ground of unity as Patriotic Conservatives. We MUST always vote at the ballot box in the Spirit of our values BUT we MUST come together no matter where we are from sea-to-shining-sea and utilize the collective power and influences we can build upon by supporting each other in Commerce, Employment, Networking, Education, and Idea-sharing. The American Spirit Movement is doing just that!


We have built the American Spirit MARKETPLACE. The American Spirit MARKETPLACE is a safe and secure, login-credentialed, membership site where Conservative Businesses and Consumers join and support each other! There are several impactful ways we can help each other as we are Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets!. Some have even said we are Defunding Liberalism and Seceding from Leftism – one Conservative dollar at a time!


Yes, the time is NOW. Join with us. Join the American Spirit MARKETPLACE. Tell your Patriotic Conservative friends who own businesses and those who would support them – TO JOIN TODAY! We cannot afford to give up any more ground because I believe we have far surpassed the tipping point of Factions. Our Founders were wise enough to warn us about Factions. NOW it’s up to us. It’s up to you.


Are you ready?  Let’s do this!  Join today. (CLICK HERE!)


ANNUIT COEPTIS and Godspeed,

Kevin Sabbides – Founder/CEO
American Spirit Movement, LLC
American Spirit MARKETPLACE


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